Leopards in Danger


The leopard – prized for its magnificent spotted fur – is in serious danger

Leopards are threatened by trophy-hunting in key areas. They soon could join tigers and other majestic animals on the Endangered Species list.

A current global study – funded by the National Geographic Society – estimates that leopards have been forced out of 75 percent of their territory in recent years. This distressing statistic will worsen if we don’t find, then implement, solutions quickly.

For almost 130 years, the NGS has been committed to the protection of wildlife and habitats. They have aligned with scientists and communities to put the best conservation strategies in place. Through donors, they’ve supported some of the world’s best research to identify threats, in more than 28 countries.

They share these findings with millions of people around the world, hoping to inspire us.

Conservationists – funded through the generosity of NGS donors – are working with local farmers in human-wildlife conflict situations. These farmers can request 24/7 emergency assistance from experts, to fortify their livestock enclosures, protecting their cattle and goats from big cats. These experts are trained to safely relocate animals that pose an immediate threat.

Some local farmers also participate in research. They are taught to test new conservation methods and they help keep count of big cats in their area. This kind of research-based approach is effective…and will enable expansion in other areas. 

We hope you will consider supporting the efforts of the National Geographic Society, so helping to protect precious species like leopards. It needs urgent action before it is too late…through science, education, and storytelling.


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